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In 2018, Bruno will be releasing his debut solo album on BB Records (his own sub devision of Babel). The project centres around his contrapuntal PhD studies into re-imaginings of classical works by composers such as Kurtag, Stockhausen, Ravel, Debussy and Bach.


Bruno Heinen/Camerata Alma Viva - Changing of the Seasons


The dynamic ensemble Camerata Alma Viva and renowned jazz pianist/composer Bruno Heinen have embarked on a daring new collaboration. They have recorded their take on one of the most recognisable and oft-performed works in all classical music. Heinen’s Four Seasons is a completely new composition. Rather than an arrangement of the Vivaldi, Heinen attempts to answer the question posed to him by the Camerata: If Vivaldi were alive today, what might a new Four Seasons sound like? Heinen explores a written and improvised language somewhere between jazz and impressionism to attempt an answer. With influences from the historically-informed performance practice (emphasising the baroque spirit of freedom and transparency) and the language of modern jazz piano improvisation.

The Four Seasons, as one normally hears it, is a programmatic work, with the music depicting nature through sound, featuring thematic passages intertwined with improvisatory moments. Respect for the spirit of the piece is at the centre of the exciting new project, where a new perspective and free improvisation will enlighten and enrich each movement’s meaning, depth and essence.

The CD will be out on BB Records early 2017

Bruno Heinen/Kristian Borring - Postcard To Bill Evans

This project reeks of the grimy adrenaline of the clubs of the 1950's and 1960's New York -
Jazzwise Magazine
Photo by Alex Bonney  

Photo by Alex Bonney  

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Critically acclaimed London based pianist Bruno Heinen and guitarist Kristian Borring have joined forces for their new duo project 'Postcard to Bill'; original arrangements of compositions by the great pianist Bill Evans. Following on from two sell-out dates at the Vortex, the duo have recorded for the legendary British label Babel, which will be coming out in May 2015. John Fordham of the Guardian says of the two musicians; Erudition, eclectic studies and a jazz sensibility make Heinen the kind of newcomer who repositions the goalposts...(and Kristian Borring has)...a hyper-cool and low-key approach to jazz guitar, but with warmth, confidence and a rhythmic hipness that's thoroughly contemporary.


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This empathic partnership was formed out of Heinen's project to explore the music of Bill Evans in a quintet fomat. However, inspired by the recordings of Bill Evans and the late guitarist Jim Hall and intrigued by working as a duo they continued to play the challenging repertoire of Evans as two. Bruno Heinen has been quoted as having a “beguiling touch”, and his last release 'Tierkreis – Signs of the Zodiac' was ranked in the top 10 albums for 2014 by Uncut Magazine, Musique Machine (USA) and Textura (Canada), and described by the same magazine as “the shiniest jewel in Babel's crown”.Danish born Kristian Borring has been cited as a “melodic, precise player with a round and open tone” (All About Jazz). In 2014 he received acclaim for his latest release “Urban Novel” where his playing as well as his music was described in The Scotsman as “Clean, Cool, Precise and Contemporary”.  


Bruno Heinen Sextet – Stockhausen's Tierkries

Bruno Heinen's 'Tierkreis' CD is a knockout!...I really loved it 
Sir Simon Rattle
Photo by Alex Bonney

Photo by Alex Bonney

In 2008 Bruno arranged Karlheinz Stockhausen’s ‘Tierkreis’ for Jazz sextet. The piece was originally written for twelve music boxes, one for each sign of the zodiac. Four of the original music boxes have been in Bruno’s family since he was born which started the fascination with the piece. The sextet features some of the finest musicians in the UK; Fulvio Sigurta, Tom Challenger, James Allsopp, Andrea Di Biase and Jon Scott. The 2013 Babel release has had wide critical acclaim including 4/5 star reviews from the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Independent, the Scotsman, the Big Issue, the Metro and oversees in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA. The album was picked as one of the top 10 albums in Textura, Canada, Culture Jazz, France and in the UK. The group have toured the UK including concerts at the Southbank as part of the Rest is Noise festival, the London Jazz Festival at the Vortex, including a pre concert talk from BBC radio 3's Max Reinhardt, and the jazz bar at the Royal Albert Hall, recorded live for BBC radio 3's Prom Plus Late. Bruno has also given lecture – demonstrations of the piece at Cornish College for the Arts, Seattle, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and Sheffield University.

Photo by Bianca Baldacci

Photo by Bianca Baldacci

Dialogues Trio with Julian Siegel

Heinen is a cool-headed and resourceful improviser with a beguiling touch, favouring slow-burning legato lines over overt displays of chops. This is a striking debut that marks out Heinen’s ensemble to be far more than just another piano trio.
Tom Grey – London Jazz
Photo by Noemi Caruso

Photo by Noemi Caruso

In 2005, Bruno and bassist Andrea Di Biase formed Dialogues Trio with drummer Jon Scott. The trio plays original music written by Bruno and Andrea. In recent years they have toured in Italy as well as playing in clubs in and around London. Their debut album 'Twinkle Twinkle' was a set of ten variations of a theme of twinkle twinkle little star. The trio invited the sensational Julian Siegel to play tenor and bass clarinet as a guest on the album and subsequent performances. The group has also worked with the world renowned tabla player Sirish Kumar on a number of occasions.

Duo with palestinian singer Reem Kelani 

In witty repartee with both audience and her inventive pianist, Bruno Heinen, Kelani took us from Galilee to Egypt, India to Persia and back to Palestine, her riveting songs of deep soul delivered with thrilling panache." Jan Fairley 
Photo by Christopher Scholey

Photo by Christopher Scholey

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Bruno has developed a longstanding musical partnership with the world renowned Palestinian singer, Reem Kelani, playing traditional and contemporary Palestinian and Arabic music, as well as Jazz. In recent years, they have toured in Syria, Spain, Turkey, the UAE, China & the USA, as well as performing live sets on BBC Radio. Moreover, Bruno featured in Reem's memorable concert at the Tabernacle in London's W11, which has now been released as her latest album "Reem Kelani: live at the Tabernacle" :


New Simplicity trio

"Antonio Fusco testifies to the fact that versatility and personality are not in contrast. Artistically more mature than his age, the musician originally from South Italy, stands out for his excellent groove, creativity and personality" - Massimiliano Cerreto – Drums and Percussion magazine.


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Bruno holds the piano chair in Antionio Fusco's new trio, also featuring Henrik Jensen on bass. Italian drum sensation Fusco put this new trio together to showcase his original and inventive writing, but the trio has become a collective ensemble playing music by all three members. The trio have toured extensively in Italy and the UK, and the group has just recorded their debut album to be released in the Spring of 2017 on Babel.