Bruno Heinen

Mr Vertigo - The Solo Album - Out Now

Kino Trio

“original compositions that sound like standards” **** Album of the week


“This is music of great delicacy and sensitivity…an unexpected delight” ****

Uk Vibe

Mr. Vertigo

"eclectic, eccentric, unobtrusively erudite"

Pick of the month April '18

John Fordham - Guardian

“Intriguing with genuine creativity and interest”  


"hauntingly beautiful"

The Jazz Mann

Of the Mr. Vertigo kings place launch concert...

"delicate, poised, balanced, and unfolded beautifully"

Sebastian Scotney - London Jazz News


New Simplicity Trio

"Common Spaces - demonstrating that originality doesn't have to be complicated ****"


Changing of the Seasons

"If this were a painting it would be a Monet" *****


Bruno Heinen's top seasons - Guardian piece - Click Here

postcard to bill evans

"Best Jazz Albums 2015 ****"


"Stylish, polished, ethereal take on great pianist's little-covered oeuvre ****"

 Arts Desk

"Gorgeous tribute...played with great sensitivity as well as impressive technical accomplishment"

 Jazz Camera

Bruno Heinen Sextet - Tierkreis

"Bruno Heinen's Tierkreis is a Knockout!"

Sir Simon Rattle

"The CD is very inventive and beautiful, The nice thing about your version is the humour combined with the musicality. It is far more interesting than a lot of other versions from 'classical' musicians. The use of the original boxes is also very moving. I am sure Stockhausen would have liked your version!"

Stockhausen Foundation

"It works brilliantly. The playing is tuneful and intricate, building snippets of tone-rows into twisting, spontaneous textures. "

Big Issue

"Tiekreis contains some of the most accessible and attractive music in this batch of Babel"

 Dyverse Music

"As impressive as the preceding albums are, the shiniest jewel in this particular Babel crown is Karlheinz Stockhausen's Tierkreis as realized by the Bruno Heinen Sextet...The album is an absolute delight from start to finish, one that can be admired on conceptual grounds as well as enjoyed at the immediate, purely musical level"

Textura Magazine, Canada

"* * * * Beginning and ending with "Aries", the 13 pieces are surprisingly varied, from cool-school classicism to jerky funk, with the leader's piano lending Tierkreis (German for "Zodiac") a consistently intelligent linking voice." 



Dialogues Trio- Twinkle Twinkle

"Heinen sounds like the kind of erudite and curious new arrival destined to make a real difference"

John Fordham – Guardian

"Heinen is a cool-headed and resourceful improviser with a beguiling touch, favouring slow-burning legato lines over overt displays of chops. This is a striking debut that marks out Heinen’s ensemble to be far more than just another piano trio"

Tom Grey – London Jazz

"Twinkle Twinkle is an absorbing set of variations and improvisations. Bruno's trio explore the music with skill and invention and Julian Siegel's ingenious performance is supurb. An excellent achievement "

John Taylor