Bruno Heinen

Mr Vertigo - The Solo Album - Out Now

Bruno Heinen Trio

andrea di biase/gene calderazzo

Bruno has formed a new trio project featuring Italian bassist Andrea Di Biase (Kenny Wheeler), and acclaimed US drummer Gene Calderazzo (Pharoah Sanders). They play Bruno's 8 movement work inspired by the composition 8 Improvisations Op. 20 written by Bartók in 1920. Influences for Bruno's treatment of the piece range from Ellington's Money Jungle and late Coltrane, to Ravel and Ligeti. The group are going into Livinston Studio 1 to the record the project soon, with a release tour set for Spring/Summer 2020 marking the centenary of the creation of Bartók’s composition. The album will launch at King’s Place on Friday 5th June 2020, with other dates to include Glasgow CCA, the Tin Arts Centre - Coventry, the Lescar, St Ives Jazz Club, Athens Conservatoire and more to come…